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Vinyl Tile in Kitchen

8 years ago


I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum to post this to, since the focus here is predominantly on ceramic tiles... if not, please my apologies.

I am planning to install a peel and stick vinyl tile in my kitchen. As the pictures below show, I am adding a 1/4" plywood as an underlayer. I have laid them out on the kitchen floor, but before I move ahead I wanted to clarify a few issues:

1. The seams between plywood joints. I want to seal them so they are tight enough. How tight should they be - Picture1 below is an example of how tight some of the seams are - are they tight enough? If not, what procedure should I use to seal them?

2. Picture2 is an example of some small spaces that are left uncovered. One prominent one is in the entrance way. Should I cover these with small plants of wood - nailed/glued down?

3. Picture3 shows a tight space between the lower cabinets and the floor. I need to nail down the plywoods there - but given tight space how do I get the nails in there ?

4. Finally, is it better to use nails or staples - please what would you recommend ?

thanks - Oyii

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