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Anyone use Kitchen Magic or had a good experience with refacing?

14 years ago

We have a very small outdated kitchen. It has soffits with wires running thru them, so we are not taking them out. We looked into new cabs, but a little more than we wanted to spend. And the layout would stay the same. The cabs we have are fine, just need new doors and some light paint. DH is a chef, very handy in the kitchen. But not so handy in the DIY department. We have two young kids, so I really don't have the time to do it.

Anyone refaced for a good price? Experiences? I'm also considering buying painted doors from Scherrs. You can pick any Sherwin Williams color, and then we could get someone to paint the frames.

We are just redoing the kitchen to make it nice for the next few years. Then we'll move onto a bigger home.

Just looking for some thoughts on it.


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