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need advice please-- pictures included-- black or pannelled?

14 years ago

Hello! I am mid way into remodel and I planned to keep our old fridge and dishwasher, but now I am not so sure. Especially the dishwasher--I think stands out too much. Plus, there is the matter that the dw does not work so well and I am very interested in getting dishwasher drawer instead. If I get new dishwasher and get the drawers, should I get black or panelled? what do you good folks think? the countertop will be soapstone (black with white veining) and the cooktop will be black. The vent will be stainless. The wall oven is stainless.

If I go with panel, any idea how much the panels will cost from the cabinent folks-- I used Riceland, but I imagine other companies would be comparable? Thanks for any advice!

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