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Affordable modern ('Euro-style') cabinets?

15 years ago


I have started to look at cabinets and what I like does not seem to be very easy to find unless one looks at very high-end kitchens. I am looking to build a kitchen with mostly wide drawers and pullup (for the walls) cabinets, in a high gloss white. Ikea has _some_ glossy white but I don't like how they split their wide base units with two drawers at the top. I've seen some cabinets whose style I like (I think the Mirra collection), but what are other options?

I also apologize in advance... I'm going to make a few related but separated posts in a burst as I have a lot of questions! I hope that the separate threads will help get the right info for me and others looking to answer similar questions, in addition to what search can bring. I've been looking at a lot of posts and kitchens and it seems like there's an incredible community here!

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