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Living Room Furniture and Layout Advice?

13 years ago

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me. We're building (ourselves) a home and I'm ready to layout and purchase LR furniture. I had everything settled till my husband mentioned mounting a moose head on wall. Well, there went my crystal chandelier and aqua velvet furniture! I'm crystal and fancy, he's wildlife and rustic.So, back to drawing board.

I want to make this room what he wants. He's walked every step with me through my breast cancer battle, and then started building this house that I designed. He loves an antler chandelier so I've included a pic of that- it's resin. I'm facing the back wall where the flat screen tv is with ledgestone to help tie the natural elements together.

You will notice a script fabric- a linen blend from Best Chair- which I love. I also found a nice sofa, but it does not come in leather. I had hoped to find a nice pair of leather sofas and put them across from one another in the middle of room- but don't like the "overstuffed" look. The sofa pictures does come in a color call "shitake" - a mushroom, which goes really well with script fabric.

I would very much appreciate any help, because I am so far out of my element here. Layout is always an issue for me as well. TV and windows directly opposite one another. I love the black burnished setees, but not sure it ties in?

Kitchen is all white, marble, possible soapstone, mini chandeliers, rest of the house, very light and fresh. Lots of natural sunlight.

Link below to house plan, pics of all things mentioned.

Thank you so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Living Room Plans & Furniture

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