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Living room layout/furniture advice

2 months ago

So we have been in our new place for over a year, and we can see to find the right pieces to round out a ground floor living space. The space isn't our main "family room", but as it is adjacent it to the dining area and kitchen we do spend a fair amount of time in and around the space. We have small kids, and neither husband or I have a very good eye for design, or what woods or materials look decent together. We get some really got light everywhere with the windows, although the picture doesn't show it well.
We also have no idea what to do with the light above the fireplace. I looked for a ceiling mounted picture light but they seem hard to come by. Most of furniture has moved with us for years, was second hand from parents, etc. and is actually still in very good shape... It just doesn't seem to match right style wise.
Anyway, I attached a picture of the space, the only thing we are committed to keeping is the couch and 1.5 chair. The print above the fireplace we will keep no matter what, but it doesn't have to be in the space if it isn't right for it. Everything else can theoretically be ditched or whatever. I also attached a picture of the kitchen in case it impacts design choices, and floor plan of the main floor. And suggestions?

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