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Problem with beeswax tealight candles

13 years ago

Help! I bought a large lot of beeswax tealights on ebay and they are all burning wrong. The flame is extremely low; about as small as a flame can get before it goes completely out. I have 14 burning at once in a holder and they are all behaving the same way. When I turn out the lights to see the flames each wick is barely a glow.

I've had beeswax tealights before, and this has never been a problem for me, although I have experienced this issue with beeswax pillar candles (which is why I have given up on them and only burn the soy pillars now).

I tried pouring the wax out of one, but that only helped for a bit and then, tiny flame again. I have emailed the seller but as I'm waiting to hear back, I wondered if anybody else had any thoughts about why this might happen. Thanks for any help!

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