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Anyone build a house/ have difficult time w/ builder?

15 years ago

This is probably a bit OT and I have posted this to the BAH board, but it's slower over there and I feel like you are my buds!

We are getting ready to close on a house where we have had a very difficult time with the builder. It has been months of sadness and stress, legal hassles and expenses, mistakes and bad fixes. Getting DH through cancer was way easier.

As I stand at the edge, it is difficult for me to separate the house from the feelings I have about the process. I'd just like to hear from some of you who have had similar experiences and were able to turn the corner once you moved in. Will it be enough to get all my furniture back out of storage? Will repainting make it mine? Will the energy required to decorate shift the energy away from my current pain?

I am very upbeat, as a rule. Right now, I just feel beaten down. I need to hear your "Happily Ever After" stories. Thanks!

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