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Garage & All Baths on Same GFCI Circuit - Should I Change?

Tom Pultz
14 years ago

Our 1984 vintage house has a single 20A circuit that supplies one duplex GFCI receptacle in the garage which then daisy-chains to the downstairs 1/2 BA, then up to the full BA, then over to the 3/4 BA.

This is a real annoyance because there have been times that running a hair dryer in the upstairs bath will trip the GFCI located down in the garage.

Is a single circuit like this up to current code requirements? I would prefer to have the garage on its own circuit and also have more than one receptacle in the garage.

Putting each bath on its own circuit would not be easy until I get around to remodeling the upstairs, but it would be possible to run a new home run to the panel from the 1/2 BA since that's currently all torn apart. Seems like a good idea.

Also, is it permissible to have a non-GFCI protected receptable in the garage? I'd like to put the old refrigerator out there but I don't think they like running off a GFCI receptacle.


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