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Humming or buzzing stove

8 years ago


Just bought a new Maytag electric coil range. It has an electronic clock/timer/input panel, and there's a pretty noticeable humming noise coming from it. If I throw the breaker off, the humming stops. The hum sounds a little like the hum you get when you turn the burners on, or when you have a dimmer on a light turned down low, but it's definitely a different noise.

The repairman agreed it shouldn't be making that noise, and replaced the panel. It was silent for a few hours, and now the noise seems to be coming back. That seems to be the case - if I've had the breaker off for a while, it takes a few minutes for the noise to come back to full.

Any ideas what's going on? We live out in the country and often have the power dim and flicker, especially in any kind of storm. Is it related? Or am I stuck with a stove noise that sets my teeth on edge?

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