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How do you 'dress' your bed?

11 years ago

Right now we just have a fitted sheet and a fleece blanket. We have 4 king sized pillows and 2 standard.

I am trying to make it more comfy.

What all is on your bed?

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  • pammyfay
    11 years ago

    That's pretty much what I have -- with 2 standard pillows and 2 Euro shams that stay put all the time, and for this time of year, a flannel flat sheet as the "blanket."

    For comfy, check out a featherbed topper. There might be non-feather alternatives if you think or know you're allergic.

    I don't like a lot of frou-frou stuff cluttering the bed (an accent pillow that goes with the fall/winter comforter is now tucked on a shelf in the closet).

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
    11 years ago

    I think most people fall into one of two categories: those willing to move pillows and turn down bedspreads and those who don't.
    Not having a top sheet is bizarre to me but I also am particular about the beds. All have sleeping pillows with cases that are part of the set, sheets, blanket and decorative coverings: quilts, matelasse, and a variety of standard, king and European shams.
    The decorative pillows are all removed each night to a bench and the quilt turned down. If more warmth is needed, each bed has an electric mattress pad and I have additional throws and blankets in the room to lay on top of the main tucked in blanket.

    Weekly the only thing I wash are the sheets as the blanket, quilts and throws don't have body contact. Every few months I wash the main blanket. I only wash the top decorative layers when they are dirty which might be never or every few years or every season depending on their color and the bed.

    I mention all the washing because that is what usually determines what people have on their beds and also if they have pets.

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  • lynninnewmexico
    11 years ago

    I used to wonder about where all those pillows went at night, too! We now have a queen-size bed with 2 king decorative pillows in shams, and then 2 regular-sized decorative pillows in shams, followed by our pillows that we sleep on and then 3 throw pillows. I like multiple pillows because we like to read in bed . . . and our headboard is wood and wrought iron which is NOT great to lean against comfortably!
    At night we stack them on our wrought iron tea cart and the antique trunk that's now at the bottom of our bed (not shown in any of these pics). Without them, there's no way I could have that many; the dogs would lay on them and ruin them! We don't allow the dogs ( 1 Doberman and 1 Tibetan Spaniel) on our bed ~ever~ though.

    Here's a pic of the bedroom:

    Here's the tea cart, pulled up for breakfast by the bed; at night it's across the room, though

    Here's a close-up of the throw pillows:

  • forhgtv
    11 years ago

    My list varies with the seasons, but I fall into the "more is more" category. My box spring and mattress are topped with a layer of memory foam, a down alternative topper and a padded mattress pad. I use a combination of sheets, blankets, quilts and duvet depending on the warmth of the season. I have sleeping pillows and three or four layers of other pillow sizes in decorative shams. All of the non-sleeping pillows stack on a bedside chair at night.

    I make my bed every morning with turn backs so that I can see all of the different patterns.

    For years, I only used white sheets and a simple coverlet so I am enjoying making up the bed with layers of pattern, texture and color.

  • leel
    11 years ago

    I not only don't dress it, it doesn't even get made till time to crawl into it.

  • schoolhouse_gw
    11 years ago

    leel, funny. These past weeks when it was so hot even in the early mornings, I would say the heck with making the bed too and leave it crumpled. I use a fitted sheet and a top sheet, then a lightweight comforter at the bottom of the bed in case of cooler temps. Same during the winter, but a heavy wool comforter.

  • tinam61
    11 years ago

    I love a pretty made-up bed. I don't get that it's a big deal to deal with pillows. When I make the bed up - there's two sets of shams and a large, lumbar type pillow in front. At night those pillows go into an armoire in the room. The sleeping pillows then go on the bed. We use top and bottom sheet, a very light blanket (in coldest weather usually use a quilt or heavier blanket). Cover folded on bottom of bed also goes in the armoire or on the chest at the end of the bed. Matelasse coverlet is pulled back from bed.

    I can't stand electric blankets or mattress pads. It's rare that we'd have that cold of temps to warrant. Hubby and I both lean to being warm-natured.

    I do wash/change sheets and blanket weekly. Top covers I take to the cleaner/laundry only when necessary (which is not often since we don't use them).

    To me, it's worth the very little effort to make up a pretty bed.

    Lynn - pretty room!!


  • DLM2000-GW
    11 years ago

    This was last winter. Similar to bkw but without the smaller decorative pillows. We use 4 king pillows that stay on the bed and 2 king pillows in shams that get moved off the bed at night. I use a top sheet and a duvet cover but with nothing in it. Depending on the season, air conditioning, open windows, ceiling fan.... there may or may not be something folded at the foot of the bed. It will vary with the weather and my decorating mood du jour and could be a down blanket, a thin wool blanket, a matelasse coverlet, a quilt.... I like options!

  • vidyaram
    11 years ago

    Your bedroom looks amazing! It looks like a chic boutique hotel.May I ask where you purchased your bedding? Is there a pattern on your bedding?

  • beekeeperswife
    11 years ago

    vidyaram, you are very kind. The pillows, and duvet are from the same collection. The coverlet is just a white coverlet. All from, drumroll please...Home Goods.

    The one around me still has this pattern in stock last time I popped in there.

  • susieq07
    11 years ago

    My bed made, which it is every day, have blue spread also for change..

    guest room bed dressed:

  • Sheeisback_GW
    11 years ago

    Dlm - Your bedroom is very pretty. I really like your bedding and how it looks paired against the dark bed.

    Our sleeping pillows go behind the euros. We use a sheet, vellux blanket (I have a love for vellux! Ha.), and red coverlet. I considered buying a down alt. comforter in place of the vellux so the coverlet isn't as formed to the bed, if that makes sense, but it hasn't been a priority.

    The pillows go on and under a chair at night. If I didn't have the chair I'd pile them on the floor. I don't enjoy making the bed in general but like how it looks when made so it's worth it to me.

    I don't change for the seasons.


  • cliff_and_joann
    11 years ago

    with tons of pillows! I have so many pillows I change them
    from time to time!

    I love pillows, beds and chairs are loaded with them.
    I even made a pillow lamp for our living room!
    sign me 'pillow ma" :)

  • itltrot
    11 years ago

    I'm horrible about making the bed because DH is still in it when I leave and he doesn't see a need to make it daily. Doesn't really bother me unless unexpected company stops by. Not to mention I don't really have a comforter/duvet set as I'm waiting for the master bath remodel to start and finish before I decide my bedroom touches.

    I'm hot-natured at night so there is little on our bed. Fitted and top sheet and light weight blanket during summer and medium weight during winter.

    Previously when I did have a duvet set, it was folded down towards the bottom half and we kept 1 set of sleeping pillows and 1 set of decorative shams with couple toss pillows. Extra sleeping pillow was put in closet when the bed was made. At night, duvet and pillows are folded up and rest on the cedar chest at the end of the bed.

    BKW, LOOOOVE your all white bedding (and entire house). I'm so jealous as I have no home goods near me.

  • annie1971
    11 years ago

    I love all-white bedding in all of our bedrooms for various reasons. I still cannot get used to uncovered beds; folded down sheets, pretty top sheets/blankets, whatever. I don't "dress" the bed. I'm old enough to know that folded down, used sheets are just that and not all that photogenic. Give me a bedspread that covers everything usable each day and a couple of feet on the floor to toss the unusable decorative pillows each night. Our bedroom isn't there for a staged photo, but it looks pretty darn good when we wander into it during the day flop at night.

  • natal
    11 years ago

    I fall into the first category Bumblebeez mentioned, although I'm leaning towards less is more. Recently removed the two Euros. I found five decorative pillows to be a bit much.

    Have fitted and flat sheets, lightweight down-alternative comforter (year round) in a white damask duvet cover, topped with a white cotton quilt that's folded down over the foot board at night. I currently keep a matelasse coverlet folded at the foot of the bed during the day for the kitties to lay on. I'm looking for something different ... lighter in weight and with a little color ... maybe a simple bed scarf. Sleeping pillows are behind three decorative pillows ... two queens in shams and one 18" square.

    Our kitties share the bed, so everything used is with them in mind. I love the turned down look, but it's not a great idea with pets.

  • jerseygirl_1
    11 years ago

    My situation is similar to Itltrot. DH is the last one out of it everyday and seems to feel it looks fine as is sometimes. For this reason, I don't think I will every have a dressed bed but I will always have comfortable bed dressing.

    I've been a white sheet person for years. Top sheet, fitted sheet, coverlet, and 4 pillows most of the time. I love sleeping in a cold room in the winter so we have Macy's Vail Down for Dec-Mar. It's perfect.

  • rosesstink
    11 years ago

    I'm in the "What the heck is up with all those pillows?" camp. At one time I had two pillows in shams that I removed at night but after a while I thought "What is the point of this?" and out they went. I guess I'm a pillow curmudgeon. I don't like bunches of decorative pillows on chairs or couches either.

    I have top and bottom sheets, the two pillows we sleep on and a fleece blanket during the summer. In the winter (cold winters, cold house) we add layers: a quilt and a down comforter. The comforter is folded at the foot of the bed until we pull it over us during the night. DH and I both have hot flashes so layering is best for us!

  • Sueb20
    11 years ago

    Our bed is pretty basic and looks "fine"...I'd love for it to look a little more cushy and luxurious but don't have the patience to deal with lots of pillows, etc., because I barely make the bed in the mornings. We have fitted and flat sheet and a quilt. Two standard/queen pillows in regular cases, two of the same pillows in shams, and one king pillow in a coordinating sham in front of the others, centered. I started using the king sham when I found a sham I loved that was on clearance and only came in king size!

  • Happyladi
    11 years ago

    I've tried putting a pretty spread on my bed but my husband hates anything heavy. So my bed is pretty simple. In the winter I use an electric mattress pad to warm the bed before I get in. I have sheets and a light down blanket year round. I have 4 pillows.

    I do "make" the bed by pulling up the sheets and blanket and fluffing the pillows. The top pillows have pretty covers. For much of my life I didn't even make the bed that much so for me it looks fine.

  • sunnny
    11 years ago

    We have a fairly firm mattress but love cushiness so have a thick memory foam topper and gown alternative on top of that so we have support but softness. I have to sleep on soft sheets and have both a fitted and flat sheet and cover with a lux blanket. Like some have said I don't do heavy covers and I sleep much better when the house is COLD! My sister claims I'm raising a house of eskimos. LOL It seems to suffocate me if it's too warm or the covers are heavy. We have 4 sleeping pillows to snuggle with and when we make the bed in the mornings we lay those against the wrought iron head board, have 2 decorative shams which match our beautiful woven comforter and I have 3 deco pillows in front of that. When we turn down the bed I throw the deco pillows on the floor and we fold/turn the comforter down over the foot of the bed and it lays partially over the foot board and part on a trunk. This makes it very simple to pull up and make. I admit in these hot summers I don't always totally make the bed but will pull up the sheet, light blanket and put the pillows in place. At least if someone comes over it's decent.
    And that's how I dress my bed.

  • bonnieann925
    11 years ago

    Our bedding changes by the seasons (New England) but basically it consists of: flat and fitted sheets w/2 sleeping pillows, a matalasse coverlet in the summer that gets swapped out for a duvet w/ a down comforter in winter. For all 4 seasons we keep a throw or a folded quilt at the bottom of the bed and typically have matching shams on 2 additional pillow, which we use to prop us up for reading or watching tv in bed. This is how it looks now:


  • teacats
    11 years ago

    Here's the winter bed with its duvet -- I do use a top sheet, bottom sheet, mattress warmer. And I do collect satin comforters -- so one is always folded at the bottom of the bed:

    And here's an old photo of the summer bed with the Ralph Lauren "Sussex Gardens" comforter -- and another old satin comforter folded at the bottom. The "green lady" portrait now resides above the fireplace during the summer months -- and another portrait takes her places above the bed ....

  • sombreuil_mongrel
    11 years ago

    This would be what it would look like in optimal conditions; for the last three mos. the bedding has consisted of a top sheet, because, as the song says "it's too darn hot".

    It's just a set I liked and could afford from BB&B that was in my price range, that matched the wall color.

  • Valerie Noronha
    11 years ago

    I think everyone's seen my bed since I was posting it a lot lately. We also have switched over to a more layered look over the past few years as that is what seems to work best with DH and my differing need for warmth. I love my lightweight down blanket and have kept it on even through our CA summer. It does seem to adapt well for the varying need for warmth. My matalesse coverlet we use year round with a duvet at the base. Presently the duvet is empty though I did purchase a down insert for it I may use in the winter.

    dlm, I like your look with the duvet brought up, tucked in at the sides and and the sheet folded over it. I may have to try that with mine for a different look.

    Casey: Slightly OT, but I just LOVE your rug!!! It's a lovely layered look with your bedding.

  • sombreuil_mongrel
    11 years ago

    @valinsv, I love that rug, too; so much so that it now resides in the dining room where it gets a better viewing.

  • susanlynn2012
    11 years ago

    lynninnewmexico, I love the pillows on your bed that you chose and the overall look of your bedroom!

    dlm200, I love your layered bed's look so much. The peaceful colors, that nice picture that is so balanced, the glass ball lamps, the textures, etc.

    BeeKeepersWife, I love your unique lamps and the overall look of your bedroom.

    teatcats, I love your sleigh bed!

    Casey, I love your carpet!

    sheesharee, Your bed set-up with the picture and the headboard and foot board is very nice.

    susieq07, I love the first bedroom picture a lot!

  • Oakley
    11 years ago

    itl, I'm the same way. I'm hot natured so less is more to me. Since I toss and turn at night having a top sheet just gets in the way. I always sleep with one leg out anyway. lol.

    I buy whimsy but pretty fitted sheets, and always a quilt on top. Summer it's very light-weight, winter is medium weight with an extra blanked folded at the bottom.

    I also buy pillow cases separately instead of shams, to match the blankets.

    Easy to wash, easy to make!

  • rosie
    11 years ago

    Another leg-out person--huh! Like Itl, my husband's still asleep when I get up and I sometimes don't see our attic bedroom until I go back up in the evening. Our bedrooms are in hot sultry Georgia and Florida, also a definite factor.

    Long ago (in hot California) I adopted my MIL's method of folding the bedding down (preferably onto a bench we don't have right now). She was very firm in her opinion that bedding should air out between uses, and I came to appreciate that, but even more then that pleasing her also meant a very fast, easy, but tidy way to "make" the bed.

    We like to read in bed so have plenty of cushy pillows in regular cases, with one firm set in decorative cases that's discarded when we settle down to sleep and goes on top of all the others in the morning because it's less wrinkled. Simple, attractive with attractive linens even if not magazine-ready, and inviting to the only people who normally stroll around our attic--us.

  • work_in_progress_08
    11 years ago

    Yet another leg out here! I am warm at night even with the air conditioning going at full tilt. Our bedding varies with the seasons. I do love a layered bed and decorative pillows along with the shams. Those pillows go into a wicker laundry basket at bedtime. Right now we have flat and fitted sheet, lightweight fleece, brown with quilt stitching coverlet and with a folded patterned quilt at the end of the bed. Four bed pillows for sleeping covered in pillow cases that are the same as our sheet color (gold). Luckily I was able to find king sheet sets that come with 4 pillow cases. King shams are the same brown to match the coverlet and the decorative pillows are in deep red, golds and browns. DH hates the decorative pillows and complains daily about them. Doesn't see the point! lol

    Now the winter bed is due for a change this winter! Can't wait for this ungodly hot weather to break.

  • sashasmommy
    11 years ago

    We have an all-season down comforter in a duvet cover... it really is all-season, I've only had to kick it off a couple of times this summer. And in the winter, it is all I need, and I am one that used to have an afgan in addition to the comforter to keep warm. Sleeping pillows only, we are not decorative pillow people.

  • rj56
    11 years ago

    Recently have gone with the less is more look. Read some place if your bedroom is small to take it easy on the pillows. Just use a white fitted and flat sheet and pillow cases, a bamboo blanket and quilt. Have two sets of standard pillows - use colored cases as shams which are removed at nite, and one small decorative pillow. This summer have mostly just covered with the sheet, then the blanket if the nights cool down. Only use the quilt in winter. Sometimes will use the quilt as the main bedcover and fold the blanket at the foot.

  • christine25
    10 years ago

    beekeepers wife: did you also get your duvet pictured from homegoods? if so, do you happen to know the manufacterer, thread count, etc? It looks perfect!

  • pps7
    10 years ago

    We have 2 Euro shams, 2 king pillows and 2 accent pillows. On the mattress is a fitted sheet, flat sheet, cotton blanket, and duvet on top. We switch out to a lighter duvet in the summer and a warmer one in the winter.

    I found my duvet cover at homegoods for $20 and I love it!

    I only make my bed 3-4 times a week.

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