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Are we there yet? ('Overwhelmed' follow-up)

15 years ago

Yes, it's me again - the woman with 101 LR furniture arrangements. :) I started a new thread b/c the other started with too many topics, had a ton of pics, and eventually evolved into a focus on furniture configuration with many diverse recommendations. I think I'm just about there and could use a vote on which you all like best. Pleeeaaase.

I wasn't quite feeling the TV armoire in front of the window so I ruled that out. I dragged out the matching oversized armchair and gave the L layout in front of the fireplace another try but I was kind of sad to see the loveseat go because there was no other logical place to put it. Plus, that layout left a couple bare spots that wouldn't easily fit other furniture without it getting too crowded. Example:

Then I tried this but the cabinet was a tad too crowded to open and close, or view from different spots:

Then I tried the couch & loveseat across from each other, which I kind of liked but the cabinet was still too close to the sofa arm to open one of the doors.

So I moved the cabinet to the adjoining wall, which left the sofa off-center along the long wall but I couldn't shift it to the right or it wouldn't be centered across from the loveseat. Still, not bad:

AND NOW... It's like this. I'll admit that, of all the layouts, I think this feels most "right". Not too crowded, the fireplace isn't covered, you can see the TV from any angle, and it's still conducive to conversation. There needs to be something in the corner between the TV cabinet and the loveseat though. A floor lamp of some kind in the corner? A stack of wicker baskets on the floor next to the right side of the cabinet?

What do you think?

If I can finally call this done I can move on to the next stage and give my aching body a rest. Whew!

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