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Enough silliness, I have a real decorating question

9 years ago

I am recovering 6 dining chairs. Not slipcovers. The wood will stay as is since it is appropriate for the house and table. I am using unbleached drop cloths for the covering so I can screw it up repeatedly and play to my hearts content. I am using a paintable ink which is permanent and does not change the feel or hand of the cloth.

So here are my first 2 attempts at ideas. The top is done with one method, the bottom with a differ method. Any preference?

My second idea is to paint each chair in the style of different artists I love but using a similar palette. Is that too corny? My artists would be Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Frida Kahlo, Matisse and Picasso. Don't have any samples of those made up but if the vote is to go in that direction I'll get right on making some. I will keep me off the roof and candy crush at least.

Will post the chair first and then the sample I do have done. The floors are natural white oak and some ancient orientals. What you see now is paper on the floor for protection during some nasty turd excavation.

Now the silliness may resume.

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