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Support for wide shallow shelves

10 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I am working on adding pantry storage shelves along the side of a basement stairwell. Similar to the position of this other forum post:

The wood is locally cut sassafras, one inch thick after drying. They are only just 5 1/8 inches deep. The intent is to hold 2L soda bottles and similar sized containers to get them out of the kitchen.

The shelves will span up to just over 7 feet. I am planning to use a ledger strip along the wall to secure each shelf. The famous Sagulator does not account for this. I will probably also add a little face strip from the same wood with an edge to stop things from rolling off.

If secured by a ledger strip along the wall, does a 1 inch thick piece of lumber need another vertical support in the front of a wide span if it is only 5 inches wide from the wall to the front?


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