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Bio Mom's Pt.2

14 years ago

This might be weird coming from a SMom who recently wrote about my woes with the BM over here. BUT.... I just wanted to give some acknowledgement to the bio mom's out there. As much as I have grown to strongly dislike (notice the careful wording) my SK's biomom and despite the grief she piles on me and my DH, I do feel for her.

In reading a lot of these posts, tears formed in my eyes over what THEY go through. My stepson has chosen to live in another woman's house (mine) and has all but cut off communication with his mother at this point. Having no biological children of my own I cannot even imagine that kind of pain. Of course, she has her faults and hasn't handled the situation well either, so I'm not going to fall all over myself to "fix" things or to give her a hug, since she thinks I'm the antichrist, but I do see her side.

When emotions get involved - and isn't that want parenting and step parenting is all about? - it is so difficult to remain logical and forward thinking. It is so easy to point fingers and lay blame, which accomplishes nothing.

Anyway, I just wanted to give credit to the mom's out there who are hurting over their situations with their children. It's difficult for everyone and we all need strngth, courage and love to get through it.

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