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Found out I'm the father of 12 year old!

20 years ago

Please help me! I found out that I am the father of a 12 year old. This happened my freshman year of college with a woman who was married at the time. She and her husband both accepted the fact that she was their daughter until they divorced 5 years later and her affair was exposed. Contact with the mother was extremely minimal (4 times over 12 years) and she never wanted anything from me. I have never met the daughter.

Now, I am married with my own family and she has filed papers for $500/month and 12 years of back payment at that amount. The mother has since remarried and has two more kids and is in financial trouble. We simply can't afford the monthly- not to mention the $72,000 in back payments! Am I being used as a financial source only?? The girl already knows two dads as "Dad" and "Step-dad" what am I??

Can they force us to move, or to make my wife work and put our daughter in day care in order to pay her?? Please help me!!! This is on the verge of causing a divorce in my marriage!!

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