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15 years ago

Have any of you ever wandered over to to browse their forums?

I gotta tell you, now THAT is a bunch of b**chy insecure ignorant control-freak SM's.

Every last step-parent on HERE is 12 infinities more enlightened, aware, sensitive and mature and with a healthy sense of ego than that bunch over there. Even the most hard-line-toeing "my way or the highway" posts on here show far more concern for fairness and decency for all involved in a blended family (even if I don't always agree with where the poster is coming from or where they're going with their logic). So what I'm saying (as an adult stepchild, no less) is this: hats off to all the Gardenweb SMs!!!

Seriously, y'all should browse some of the bile being slung around over there, most of it is apalling. Granted, I'm sure a lot of it is "all talk" or just unadulterated venting, but still... we all should be thankful for the level of (relative) maturity, insight and actually constructive dialogue we have in this forum.

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