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Help, please! How to put screens on tilt and turn windows?

11 years ago

Hi there,

We have an apartment in NYC. The prior owner renovated many years ago and at that time installed tilt and turn windows. They are quite large (65" wide by 52" tall) and have a crank with a key that locks the windows.

When you turn the crank to the right, the top opens inwards into the apartment until a maximum of about 6 inches at the top (but the bottom of the window is totally shut.) This happens whether they are locked or unlocked.

If you turn the handle the other way, and the window is unlocked, then the entire window swings into the apartment as if it is a door. This is really scary considering we are very high up (like 200 feet above the pavement below...) so I locked the windows so they cannot open inwards in that way, since we have children.

What kind of screens could we put on these? We have a lot of bugs, especially mosquitos, flying into the apartment, but sometimes bees (and I'm allergic and have to use an epipen if stung) so we really need screens. We love fresh air, and it is sad to have to keep the windows shut.

I asked the super but he is new to the building and couldn't come up with any ideas for me, and most other residents have normal double-hung windows.

We would like the screens to keep out bugs but be very sheer as we have great views!

I have heard of retractable screens, but that wouldn't work with these windows as they are too large to reach the screen, even if you got your hand out the window... *unless maybe motorized with remote control?


Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of tilt and turn windows

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