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need your help on inset cabinet hinges

17 years ago

Hi - we have been discussing cabinet hinges for inset cabinets over in the kitchen forum, but I think we are all virtual infants on the hinge learning curve. It is time to ask over here where people work with cabinets and hinges.

For inset cabinet doors what do you recommend for ball tip hinges?

Here are three I have seen that Classic Brass makes:

1. mortised with screw holes that allow adjustment - I noticed that some cabinet companies used mortise hinges and only mortise one side. These are extruded brass.

2. non-mortised extruded brass which do not wrap to the back of the door.

3. non-mortised full wrap and partial wrap. These are steel, not extruded brass. I have not seen these in person yet, but have seen some other Classic Brass non-mortise that are made of steel that are not as smooth as the extruded brass.

I think I would prefer non-mortised. The way things have been going on this job I am concerned about errors in mortising that could lead to further delays and possibly waiting for doors or cabinets to be re-made.

What can you tell me about the different types of hinges with regard to function, durability, adjustability, gap sizing, looks. Are these hinges made by Classic Brass of good quality?

Sorry about the image size - I could not manage to get them the right size. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: page with many Classic Brass hinges at bottom

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