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Don't post pics? Why or Why not? (Long, rambling, sorry!)

15 years ago

**This is a repost. I posted it once (I thought?) but I don't see it so if it shows up double, just ignore. *smile*

If you don't post pics of your home, why not?

Noooo, I'm not being snarky.

Anyone who's read my posts for the past couple years knows I don't do snarky.

After reading another discussion board, and this being my 'home' board, I just got curious and thought I'd ask here.

I read a discussion, 3 pages long, last night on another forum.

The discussion was about posting pictures of homes, interior and exterior.

Yesterday I had read Persnicketydesign's post here about budget decorating and it sorta fit with what I read last night so I wanted to inquire here.

Actually the topic of the discussion on that other forum was not about posting pictures of personal homes but the discussion evolved into that discussion and I was surprised at some of the responses.

What I gathered from three pages of responses, and I'm not painting with a broad brush, just taking the general consensus from the answers posted to that discussion:

The long-time posters would rather someone not post a decor question if it doesn't include a picture. *ouch!* From being on this GW forum I can sorta understand as I don't do visualization very well. But can't see anyone from this forum telling posters not to post if they don't have a pic to go with the question.

A couple posters said they didn't post pics because they didn't know how.

Six posters said they wouldn't post pics of their home because they had done it before and got slammed pretty badly for 'showing off' or 'grandstanding' their huge homes.

The majority of responses talked about the security issue of posting pics of their homes.

They pretty much said if someone wanted to they could take bits and pieces from the many previous posts of a single poster and with a picture actually zone in on who the poster was and almost exactly where they lived.

I had never thought of it that way!

Then again, I'm the one that would post my home address just to get folks to drop by so I could have people with same interests to talk to/have coffee or tea with. LOL

(Mr. Amity jokes that when one of us dies, someone will have to hire Pallbearers because we don't have enough friends between us to carry the casket *grin*)

So, security for me is not an issue. I'm careful but not overly cautious when posting pics.

Quite a few posters alluded to not posting pics because they didn't have the grand or magnificent homes.

I'm with this last group.

I have the mass-market accessories, the oft maligned *grin* microsuede chairs, other furniture that the cat dragged out before it dragged in, heck, I even have the plastic on my new lampshade (for now).

I've posted pics here many times and always got great responses so it's not like I won't post pics.

It's just that the little I can do on a very tight budget just doesn't seem worthy of 'oooohhhhs and aaahhhhs' so I don't post whenever I've redone a room with a new paint color or painted-refreshed a bookcase/shelf/whatever or made a new vignette for my garden. It's just not that big of a deal to me so I wouldn't think it would be for anyone else. Also, my decorating 'style' is not the norm. Over the years the decorating has come from 'make do' so I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to relate to or even like my decorating. LOL

I'll admit to sometimes having a pity party of one. When I see the beautiful granites, the marbles, the beautiful woods, the gorgeous back splashes, yea, I sometimes look over at my own back splash and think "ewwww". Then I come back to reality and realize there are plenty of people who don't even have a back splash----puts things back into prospective and I'm fine with the world again. *smile*

Should I get to feeling a little down after seeing the beauty of homes on this forum I always look at the paper I copy/pasted and hung on the door of my refrigerator.

It was a response to me by FlyLeft awhile back. It couldn't have come at a better time and it inspired me, gave me the motivation to work doubly hard to finish my bathroom. Flyleft's words also gave me confidence--not having to ever make excuses again when family/friends come and see the latest decor/reno in our home.

FlyLeft: Anyone can buy their way to a nice bathroom, but you "hacked" (that's a compliment--from a pretty addicted Ikea hacker :)) your way to something that has dedication and energy and individuality in it and that functions great too. I just love that.

So, all this to ask --- If you don't/won't/can't post pics of your home, is there a specific reason?


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