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What's your favorite cheap wine?

18 years ago

The Wal-Mart has inspired me to ask this question.

Specifically, what bargain bottle do you buy when you only want to spend a few dollars, but want to bring something drinkable to a cookout or party? Or when you can't justify paying much for something you're just going to have a glass of every day at home?

Unfortunately, Maryland's prohibition-era liquor laws prohibit the sale of wine in grocery stores, so I haven't had the pleasure of tasting either Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck line or Aldi's private label wines (both owned by the same German company, I might add), or some of the other cheapies that people have been talking about.

I guess my current ultra-cheapie fave is Foxhorn Merlot. The cork dork at a local liquor story was almost embarrassed when he recommended it to me last year, at $6.99 a magnum!

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