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Hi! I'm new here, and I've signed up to ask a couple of quick (and urgent) questions. I'd appreciate any help.

What is the difference between a freelancer and a production company when it comes to Las Vegas engagement photography? I need to know, because I've been told the differences are paramount.

How do I find a Las Vegas engagement photography, and is there anything I should know that may affect my decisions? I realize that's kinda vague, but I want to eliminate any and all snags that may pop up, so I'm trying to cover all my bases with this question.

Why do I need to hire someone for Las Vegas engagement photography? This is mainly for my significant other. I've been told (and told, and told...) that it is necessary, but I don't really see why. I figured we could save money having it done ourselves.

How to decide when it comes to Las Vegas engagement photography? Say, I've got two businesses neck and neck, and I'm trying to choose who I should let work for me, what should be some tie breakers I need to watch out for? Or more importantly, are there ways for me to notice scam artists ahead of time?

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A freelancer is a person who works for themselves. They book the events; they take the photos; you deal only with them. A production company is a company that has several photographers on staff. You may or may not be able to choose who you work with. If you are thinking of taking photos at a casino, for instance, they usually have staff photographers that you may be required to use. If you are taking photos on the street, at a park or another public location, you should be able to choose your own photographer.

I agree with you that I don't see why it is necessary to hire someone to do the photos unless the venue where you plan to take them requires it. Some venues are concerned about how their establishment may be represented if they don't control who takes photos and the quality of the photos.

When deciding between two photographers, scrutinize their portfolios and decide whose photos you like best. The other criteria, which you cannot judge by long distance, is the photographer's personality. A person may take great photos but be a pain to work with, which can make the entire experience unpleasant.

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Try going on Yelp or some other ratings website and read some reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yelp on Las Vegas photographers

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