HELP! Is my wedding dress too plain?


A while ago I started dress shopping. Since we have limited stores here, I picked this one out visiting my fourth store, that was not an AA but this is still the dress I got:

We planned to have a beach wedding, so I thought this would be perfect. I had a sash with a lot of bling sewn on, so it looks prettier than in the picture.

However, now we're gonna have it inside instead, and here in the cold.

I went to try it on again yesterday after it had been altered and I want to cry. I feel like it's waaaay to plain, but my options are limited.

Since I am a plus size bride, they dont have as many gowns to try on as for petite brides. And I refuse to buy a dress because it looks good, it might not be flattering at all on.

My dream dress is a typical ball gown, either lace or pick ups and big and poufy, everything this dress it not. I want more on the bottom and back.

I tried to let my sales consultant sell me another dress, but she and my maid of honor says this is right.

So now we are talking about adding appliques or pick ups, but I don't know what to buy to make it look right..

I am just so sad right now.

They told me to add a pretty veil and accessories but its still plain..

I look at other wedding dresses here on tpf and on other sites as well and I just want to rip my hair out.

I found a perfect dress at Davids Bridal but all the beading made my armpits hurt..

Any suggestions?

Oh, I nearly forgot to post the dress image.

dress here

Here is a link that might be useful: dress here

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It's hard to see in the little picture, but honestly I think it's gorgeous. Remember that you will have flowers, jewelry, etc., so it won't seem plain.

Personally, I prefer simpler wedding gowns. I want the bride to get the attention, not the dress. Some of the more elaborate ones look like the bride is carrying the dress around, not so much that the dress is ornamenting her.

You are definitely smart not to get something with beading that makes you uncomfortable.

Have you paid for the dress already?

What happened to the bling-bling sash?

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I have been watching "Say Yes to the Dress" this past few months because my son is getting married next fall. I have seen what they will do when the dress is perfect but too plain.

Usually they add lots of rhinestone embellishments with pins, sashes or belts, hair clips, tiaras, earrings, and bracelets all in the same stones to match and enhance the bling factor since they coordinate. You can even buy a veil with tiny rhinestones scattered across the netting. You would have to decide which embellishments you want and be sure you do not over do it. By the time you are carrying a bridal bouquet, have a veil, wear perfect makeup, and have the bling, you should see just what you want looking back at you from the mirror. We even put rhinestones in the bouquet! Good luck to you on your special day.

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I think the dress is perfect. Trust me, you don't want a ballgown style wedding dress if you are more than about 21. Those only look good on a few young brides. If you are in your mid 20s or beyond, you want something more sophisticated. The dress you chose fits that - understated and classy. As others mentioned, you can add bling to dress up the gown and still keep the classy look.

If you are concerned about the cold, look for a short bolero jacket you can wear, perhaps for photos, and again if you get cold coming or going from the ceremony or reception. It doesn't have to match the gown exactly in color. I had a bride last fall that chose one in black. Your gown appears to be ivory, so you might choose a jacket in a soft mocha or champagne color.

With a colorful bouquet, you will look lovely and when you look back on your wedding photos, you will be glad you chose a more timeless style.

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Another vote for Your dress is gorgeous!

A flattering silhouette and a great fit are really, really important. A lot of 'pouf' can really only be carried by a tall skinny girl with no pouf of her own -- and even then, it's fussy and not as sophisticated as what you've selected.

That dress has a fabulous neckline. What about enhancing that with a strip of rhinestone trim? Or like someone else mentioned - go blingy on the veil or headpiece? Another option is an elaborate silk shawl, or even a Japanese wedding kimono worn over the dress -- one size fits all, and very stunning!

Here is a link that might be useful: Uchikake or Japanese wedding kimono

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I saw that a wedding dress, I don't think too plain, the style is such.

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It's hard to say ,just from the picture I don't think too plain .

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The picture looks decent and I have to add that I don't think the dress looks too plain. It looks beautiful.

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I think the dress is very nice.

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