What wedding gifts (if any) did you get from parents/inlaws?


...And what wedding gift(s) if any did you give your kids?

My mother gave us a beautiful set of antique mother of pearl handled silverware. She also purchased my gown. My in laws paid for the rehearsal dinner but didn't give us any other gift.

My children aren't married yet but I often thought we'd give them cash towards a house and pay for the rehearsal dinner.

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Great question - I'd love to know what others did as well. My son is getting married in October and I haven't a clue. I am paying for rehearsal dinner and some of the wedding costs.

My parents paid for my wedding and my in-laws bought us a dryer (back in the 80s.)

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My parents paid for our wedding and gave us a check to start out in life. My inlaws gave us a party and possibly a check; I don't remember.

We paid for part of our son's wedding and gave them a check.

We are paying for all of our daughter's wedding and giving them a check. Assuming there's anything left!

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Wedding ettiquette says that if the parents or in-laws are paying for any part of the wedding, a gift is not necessary. That said we still bought gifts (set of china for one, weekend trip for the other) for SD and my daughter. Since I paid for both of my own weddings with no help from parents, I personally feel you should be grateful for them paying anything toward wedding costs and not expect a gift as well. jmo

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We eloped and there were no parents to give us gifts. My parents were dead, and his parents did not even bother to raise him.

We have two married children. We gave our daughter a large wedding, and I think that was it. His parents gave them a lovely rehearsal dinner and an island honeymoon.

We gave our son his wedding and a check to use to buy a house some day instead of a honeymoon. Originally, the check was for the honeymoon they decided against as they priced houses in the area.

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