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We will be having a special band playing at the reception. Would it be appropriate to include their group's name as entertainment at the reception in the ceremony program? Maybe some other place....the invitations? We just wanted our guests to know so they would be sure to make plans to stay for the reception.

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Wouldn't guests usually plan to stay for the reception? Where I am some people don't show for the ceremony but go to the reception.

Anyway...I wouldn't mention the band on the ceremony program. As part of the invitation are you doing a reception card? You could put "Dinner and dancing following the ceremony at the Our Town Country Club". If there is no dinner you could just say "cocktails" or whatever you will have. I wouldn't mention the band by name. The day isn't about the band.

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I wouldn't include it anywhere -- definitely not in the invitation (and I don't care if it's the Rolling Stones or the Boston Symphony -- YOU are the stars of your wedding). I suppose if you are naming the caterer, florist, etc. in the program, sure, go ahead and name the band, too -- but I don't know why you'd name any of them, either.

No matter how special this band is, people will attend your reception because they want to celebrate with YOU!

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I agree with the others. The band's name doesn't need to be mentioned at all, partularly in the program. You can verbally tell your family and friends about the band and they can then share the information.

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