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I Wasn't Invited!

11 years ago

My best friend's son is getting married. Beth and I have been very good friends for over 10 years and I have been around and seen her son as he has grown into a wonderful young man. I wanted to give him a gift, so I went to the "bride and groom" shower with Beth. Beth was the only person there from her side of the family, everyone else was from the brides family-and it was a MOB. As I understand it, the brides folks are paying for about 2/3 of the wedding and Beth is picking up the rest. Beth is not well off at all so not sure why she is doing that, but I guess it was by agreement between the families.

I called Beth a couple days ago and asked her if the invitations had gone out and she said yes. Long pause. So then I asked her to wish them both well and I hope they have a long and happy marriage. Beth seemed kind of surprised that I hadn't received an invitation but not overly upset. She explained that the kids were on a tight budget and that they may not be able to afford to invite friends in addition to family. OK.

After I got off the phone I told my husband that we were not invited to the wedding and he was very surprised. He was sure it was an oversight and that a last minute invite would be arriving shortly. I told him that even if it does, I don't think we should go. I am very hurt not to have been invited at least to the wedding. I know that the reception is often costly and that sometimes people are invited to the wedding and not the reception.

I am so disappointed and hurt. Am I just being a baby about it?

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