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Assigned Seating(?), etc. etc. etc....

18 years ago

I'm getting married in September. First marriage for both me(40) and BF(47). We will have an outdoor (with a large tent), daytime wedding outside at my stepmom's place, with a big yard and a lovely pond.

Since I have a very large family, and I don't want to leave anyone out, it will not be a small wedding. But it will be fairly casual.

We will do a buffet style meal, probably catered by the local brew-pub. Depending on how much financial support we get from my mom & stepmom (his parents/my dad are dead), we may just do beer and/or wine & soda for beverages.

We may put a bunch of our favorite CD's in the stereo & try to remember to refresh them a few times over that day. BF & I may both be wearing used/thrift shop/vintage attire.

Anyway, you get the picture.

My thought was to have no assigned seating, just let people sit wherever they want. I figured people would mill about a good deal and the food could be left out for a couple of hours at least. Folks could alternate between eating, swinging on the swingset, walking by the pond, and even going for a swim (or skinny dip!) if the day is warm.

We'll probably have round tables under the tent. I mentioned the no-assigned seating idea to my work manager (a gay floral designer/manager w/ significant event experience). He thinks that no-assigned-seating is a really bad idea. According to him, every event he's ever been too that did not provide assigned seats had droves of people wandering around looking for a suitable chair where they could sit near their friends/spouse/etc.

What do you all think about this? What do you think of the rest of it.


CarrieB, in her first - of what I am certain will be many - questions.

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