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Invitations Wording (mentioning parents)

18 years ago

Here's the situation, in it a first time marriage for us both, I'm 40, he's 47.

His parents are both dead. I have a mom & a step-mom (who married my dad after I was grown & out of the house), dad died last summer.

My step-mom, who's got a significant amount of money, mostly because my dad did, is contributing generously to the wedding. My mother is giving less than half of what my step-mom is. My mom & step-mom do not know what the other is contributing.

Fiance & I will also probably be applying our own funds to the wedding. Perhaps somewhere around the amount that my mom is.

It seems that tradition would dictate that whoever contributes the most, gets first mentions on the invitation. This could end up being awkward, first that step would be mentioned before mom, also if fiance & I contribute the same amount/more than mom.

What I'd like to do is just have the invitation be from me & fiance, and perhaps acknowledge mom & step's contributions during the ceremony.

What do you think?

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