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Creative idea for dealing with child guests

18 years ago

I saw this on Saturday and thought it solved a big problem very nicely. At the beginning of the ceremony, the officiant announced that, per the bride and groom's request, all chldren under the age of ten were invited to be in the procession. (Parents were asked to accompany children five years old and under.) They played some cute tune and all the kids got to walk down the center aisle. When all were assembled at the altar, the officiant gave them a short blessing and they were directed out the side doors, where some adults escorted them to a room in the rec hall that had ben set up with refreshments, babysitters and toys.

Then the rest of the wedding proceeded, unhampered by crying, etc. So much easier and nicer than tryng to enforce a no kids rule. It gave the children a feeling of importance and belonging and let the adults enjoy the wedding in peace.

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