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Can a MOG hire a Wedding Consultant/Assistant?

18 years ago

I know usually it's the bride who hires a wedding consultant re: florist, catering, reception sites, etc., but I'm wondering if I can get help for hiring a wedding consultant or assistant for myself.

I'm a full time caregiver for my mom with Alzheimers and I baby sit my granddaughter two days a week.

I really would like to find someone who can help me look for a dress, proper fitting undergarments, hair & make-up. ( I'm a total mess--have barely worn make-up in a year) I think I'm going to need a trial run it's been so long since I even wore heels--heaven help me ;) Won't even go into the hair situation, it's past my shoulders--has just been easier to put in a pony tail.

At least I think I have the rehearsal dinner under control-LOL -- sort of. Still have to find simple invitations HA! Turns out there's probably going to be 65-70 people!!!! That's like a third of the wedding!

I also need to find a dress for my mom. She probably won't attend the reception as that would be too hard on her,(she doesn't do well around a lot of people) but she will go to the church & hopefully I can get her to go to the rehearsal dinner. I'm looking for something nice for her on e-bay to keep costs down on a dress, that she will probably only use for a few hours.

The evening of the reception, I can get someone from a new respite care group I just found to stay with her as I don't want her to be left alone especially at night. I have no family to help out. Respite care is approx. $20.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. I don't mind this for special occassions, but couldn't afford it on a regular weekly basis. DH is a great help, but is starting a second part-time job besides his regular job.

Anyway, my problem seems to be a lack of personal time to get things done. I HATE waiting to the last minute as it causes me more stress. Can a wedding consultant help me with these type of things or am I looking for a personal assistant?

I'm not even sure what their title would be.

Thanks again for any suggestions (and support)! ~~ katclaws

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