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an unusual ceter piece idea

18 years ago

I came up with an ususal center piece idea and we seem to be getting some very varied thoughts on it...although the only important feelings on it are the bride and groom. It is their day after all. I just thought I would post it here and see what the response is.

We are having a garden wedding with everything themed garden, all colours, not one in specific. They just want butterflies, dragonflies, flowers etc. They are being married at beside our larger pond which is were we all "live" in the spring, summer and fall. So I came up with the idea of taking the very large clear vases we bought, placing a large silk flower in the bottom, filling with water, floating some pretty but none scented candles on top and then taking some of our baby goldfish (we have lots every year) and putting two in each vase. They would only be in there for a short time. As the reception comes to a close the guests would be invited to take any or all of the baby fish home in bags. As I said the bride and groom really love the idea, but some people think it is not appropriate/cruel/ etc. etc.

What are your feelings on this? We haven't made a final decision yet and your input would be very welcomed. The original idea was for me to paint/etch the vases. But this one seemed more appropriate to the whole garden theme.

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