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Most Unusual $ Saving Idea You've Heard of

20 years ago

Hello all,

Back in June of 2001 someone started a similar thread, but it was called "Ridiculous" there.

Actually, I've done quite a few of the things suggested there, myself. So - I altered the "Ridiculous" title.

If some of you would like a good chuckle, go to P. 9 and check out the 100 postings there - do it soon, before it drops off the cliff. As new threads like this one are started here.

I've been collecting used pallets, mostly from a kitchen supply place, and dismantling them with a view to building a few drawers under the lower steps of the basement stairs, that area that mostly goes to waste.

And a set of shelves to sit beside the stove and another beside the fridge to set things on.

I have a lot of short boards sitting around, but no shelves or drawers, yet. Have quite a few bent nails that came out of them - learned how to straighten them as a kid.

Have a lot of pop cans that I should drive over with the van (larger tires - fewer passes) in the parking lot to take less space until I have an errand near the metal dealer on the other end of the city. 50 cents a pound.

A friend saves the pull tabs to get wheel chairs for kids - quite a job to take tabs off a couple of hundred pop cans.

A few months ago I found a quality couch, slightly threadbare, a couple of blocks from home.

Stuck one end in the hatchback of the little Dodge Colt - and conned my son into carrying the other end. Late at night, when traffic light.

I offered to trade places part way home, but he demurred. Needed the exercise, I guess. I did drive slow - asked him several times if too fast. Nice to have a considerate Dad.

Remember - each $100. that you save, without interfering with your lifestyle, is equal to $125. - $150. or so increase in wages - you have to pay more income tax, when you get a raise at work.

Most of the stuff that you buy must be bought with after-tax dollars (or marks, yen, kroner, etc.).

Hope that the days ahead bring the fulfillment of some of your dreams - and challenges leading toward some new ones.

joyful Ed

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