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Do I have a right to say no now? (bridesmaid?)

17 years ago

A friend of mine and her boyfriend just decided at the beginning of December to plan a wedding. They set the date for Oct 21 and started planning. She asked me to be in the wedding at that time and I figured I had plenty of time to save up money for the expenses. (I'm a SAHM, we have one income and we have two doesn't always come easy.)

Less than two weeks ago, V calls and tells me that they decided that since they're using their income tax refund, she's decided to move the wedding up to April 14th! I still thought I had a bit of time to have to worry but I was wrong. She finally went last week (Tues) to pick dresses and called to tell me what it would cost later that evening. Then the next day she tells me she would like for me to get up (she lives almost an hour away) there that week to get my measurements done and put the money down. At that point, I couldn't do that because I had things arranged for the week (doctors appointment that I had already re-scheduled because of sick kids, taxes, grocery shopping, birthday supper and I had to take my Gram to the airport Friday). Normally I have nothing planned but last week was quite busy. The times it suites for me to go up, doesn't for her and I have to be home here before 3pm to get DS off the bus.

I told V that I could get up there on Monday (yesterday). Well, at 2 am, DD woke me because she had an ear ache and then DS got up and was coughing so much he threw up. So I had to schedule doctors appointments for them and I wasn't dragging them out in the freezing cold just to go to a dress shop and turn around and come home!

She called yesterday before I left and informed that I HAD to get there by today (and I can't because our truck is in the shop and DH has my car!) because the dress shop owner said that it can take 12 weeks for the dresses and it's 11 weeks until the wedding! Really is this my fault? I'm not the one that moved the wedding up 6 months and gave my bridemaids barely enough notice about the dresses!

My friends best friend since Elem. School actually was to to be the MOH and she had to step down already. I think I may have to do the same....I just can't swing it!

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