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All right! I'm having a little greenhouse fun now.

15 years ago

Boy, did I ever have a pleasant afternoon on Tuesday. It's finally seed starting time here in northern Michigan, and I had three trays planned for Tuesday. My new little greenhouse was SO warm and inviting that I took my trays and seed starter mix out there to fill 'em and sow 'em. Talk about nice! The sun was bright, the air temp inside was 85, and it felt just like real gardening. And I didn't even have to worry about sweeping up any spilled planting mix. The floor is already dirt.

This was a bonus that I hadn't thought of when I was building the greenhouse: double duty as a planting bench, and way more cheerful than my basement. Although it's not overly exciting looking, I had to take a picture to capture the moment. There's a bucket with spinach plants on the floor at the left.


I planted some salvia, knautia, and craspedia. I guess it was a day for things that end with ia. I'll be sure to post another picture when the shelves are covered in green plants. Now THAT will be fun.


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