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Destination wedding...reception after we return

16 years ago

We are having a small problem with my FH's family and our whole wedding plan. We are having our wedding in Barbados in December. We are going to be gone 7 days and plan on having a cake/snack/dance reception the weekend after we return.

His family has all been invited, but are declining to go because 1)They don't have the money to go 2)They don't like flying, boats, etc.. 3)They don't want to travel anywhere. About 80% of the family is planning on going to Disney World this summer (quite a travel distance, we all live in Iowa), but can't afford to go to our wedding. Anyhoo...

They have all basically told us since we are planning this obscure non traditional wedding that they won't attend that they won't attend our reception either. They say "You aren't even going to feed us, you made it so we can't go to the wedding, so we aren't coming".

My FH says it doesn't phase him in the least. This is what we're doing, period and if they don't like it, that's not his problem. I however, feel very guilty. None of my family is going to the wedding itself, but they are all gung-ho about the reception. I don't want to cause a rift between FH and his family, but my mind is just screaming "Grow up, you immature imbeciles and get over it". I honestly think they're just jealous because we've been saving for this for quite awhile and are able to do something out of the ordinary and exotic, something none of them have done. (His family is the "Keep up with the Jones' type). I do get along with them, at least to their faces, but God only knows what they say behind my back!

Is it wrong to just go with our plans? Or should we try to do something local so that his family won't alienate him? I feel so torn!

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