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Ottoman slipcover help?

17 years ago

Today I found a large square ottoman at a thrift store for $10. It's about 2 feet tall and about 3 feet across, in a perfect square. It is on casters. I gave it the sniff test and it didn't smell bad. :) It is sturdy and very flat across the top. I plan on using it as a coffee table, as is the style these days. Little kids can't fall down and bang their heads on the sharp coffee table if it's an ottoman. :) And it can be used for extra seating. I was looking for one, so I was enthused to find it. The fabric is old, so I will sew a slipcover for it. I can't think of much that is easier to sew than a slipcover for an ottoman. It'll be fun picking out the fabric. Heck, I'll sew two. I browsed a few ready made ottoman slipcovers on-line and they want $99 for decent ones. That's nuts. Anyhoo, has anyone out there ever sewed a slipcover for an ottoman before? I'm thinking a simple box. Nothing fancy. No gathers or pleats. I might put trim around the bottom or something. Does anyone know of a simple formula to figure out how much yardage I would need?

The dimensions are:

34.5" across x 19.5" tall.

(2'10.5" x 1'7.5")

circumference = 138"

There is 36" to a yard, correct? And fabric is usually 45" wide, correct?

If anyone is a math whiz out there and can help me figure out how much yardage to ask for, that would be great!

Thank you!

--Katy S.

Some pics of ottomans:

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