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Those with GC problems, you're not alone.

16 years ago

A few years ago a young fellow did a very good job gutting and redoing our bathroom. His price was great and we checked his references. He was still learning, but did such a good job we had him do our dining room shortly after. He came on time every day and did a full day's work. He brought in older fellow to do the plumbing and he did a good job, also. We were very pleased. He's a quiet guy who warmed up to us. One day after he finished he and I sat and drank a beer and smoked a cigar. We tipped him when he was done. We learned later the two guys formed a partnership.

Fast forward two years and we contact "the guys" to do a complete kitchen and powder room renovation. It took a while to plan it out, but as usual, they were good to work with. In Feb. or March, without getting any other bids, we considered their price which was on the high end of what we figured it would be. They said they'd be able to start the first Monday in May and we'd be the only job they'd do during the renovation. Because they were a known commodity to us we figured we'd use them.

In late March, as we're looking at cabinets we get another bid from a fellow who does excellent work but who we thought didn't do work in our area (he lives 45 min. away) but as it turns out he was doing work just a few miles away. His bid was about $3,000 lower than the other guys but he couldn't start until the first or second week of June. We talked to the first guys, who lowered their price $1K and we agreed to use them.

In mid-April all our material and cabinets had arrived but we knew we had to wait a few weeks until the guys were available. I heard from another source that earlier that month they squeezed in another job which turned out to be much bigger than they thought. When we speak to the guys, they tell us they're a week behind and volunteer they took on the extra job, which had unforeseen complications. We're not too happy, but appreciate their honesty.

A week later they call and say there's another delay, but they should be here by tomorrow, 5/19 to start demo. We don't hear from them but bump into the second bid fellow, who says a big job canceled and he's available first week of June. Today, as we're packing up our kitchen I call one of the guys, who says we're delayed another 9 days because an outside siding job is going slow because of rainy weather. I let him know we're not happy about yet another delay and that I'm even more unhappy he didn't call to tell us; we had to call him. He knew at least four days ago of the delay. With all due respect to them, I have enough on my plate than to be understanding about why they're delayed,yet again.

So, do we go with "the guys" or with the second fellow? I've seen the second guys work and it's truly excellent. Our inclination is to stick with the men we have but stay on top of the work schedule. We have a very good relationship with the guys and we happen to know the second fellow through our professional and social circle. I'm probably writing this now because I'm irritated. Tomorrow I'll realize the delays may not be such a big deal.

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