OT sort of: Kitchenaid KUDE60FXSS vs. Miele vs. Bosch vs. ???

10 years ago

Cross posted from appliances, but hey, it's a kitchen appliance and since this forum gets way more traffic, I'm going to give it a shot.

I'll try to make this brief and coherent (I'm beyond disappointed right now).

I have a Kitchenaid KUDE60FXSS fully integrated dishwasher. Has the third rack, cleans beautifully, is quiet, everything I wanted in a dishwasher. Was not cheap by any stretch of the imagination (~$1200). What it ALSO has is a vent, top left side of the door, DIRECTLY facing my cabinets that are next to it. We've had the dishwasher for about 6 weeks now and after every load (using the heated dry or not), I have drops of water and moisture on the inside, side, and underside of the drawer and garbage cabinet which is right beside the dishwasher. Who on earth would design a dishwasher that would vent TOWARDS cabinetry??? Especially since I would imagine 99% of cabinets sold are wood or wood based.

We had the service department of the store we purchased the unit from here today and he confirmed that yes indeed it is a vent. Other than taping over it to block some of the moisture, it would be something we have to live with.

The good news is my appliance dealer (local family owned business in Central, NJ) is willing to take the machine back and exchange it for something else.

Here in lies my question, what else? Do I go with a Miele? Or a Bosch? Do these models vent somewhere? Do they have heated dry? I've heard ups and downs about a whole host of models. What I'm looking for is real life stories of those who own any of the above and if there are any drawbacks to one vs. another.

I have researched models till my eyes bleed, and I am beyond disappointed because this Kitchenaid has everything I want (with the exception of the stupid vent).

Thanks so much for your step forward, two steps back it seems.

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