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BM is up to something...maybe?

14 years ago

She and her DH just moved--this has been in the works for a couple months now. Their landlord decided to sell their house, so they got a 30 day notice that their month-to-month was up. They were able to get a little more time to find a place, and the house they chose is 10 minutes farther away from us and the school SS will attend in the fall. DH was kind of ticked about this b/c THIS was their prime opportunity to move closer. Oh well--SHE is the one that will be doing all the driving. Seriously, the new house is probably 25-30 miles from the school.

Well, the last couple weeks SS has been making random comments here and there about how he is going to a new school next year. DH and I both thought that BM had finally accepted that he would be going to our district. (DH got residential custody for schooling purposes last December. So this is all court-ordered.)

Well, this is apparently NOT the case. SS is insistent that he is going to a new school and it is the school RIGHT by their new house.

THEN DH was going through some paperwork in SS's school folder, and there was a sheet that had been filled out by BM. It was sent from his current school, asking if the child would be returning to that district in the fall. BM had written "we are unsure, depends on court case."


We are both SO worried now that BM is going to re-open the school issue. Can she do that? In December, SHE and DH signed papers settling the case, and agreeing to 50-50 custody, with DH having residential for school. The papers CLEARLY state that SS is to finish 1st grade in his current school and then he will start 2nd in our district.

It just all sucks. Plain and simple, it sucks. This stress is going to be the death of both of us.

I don't think BM has ANY leverage, though. I mean, for real---she comes drunk to our house, and tries to drive with her son. Then WE take HER to court b/c of that incident. And meanwhile, she has moved FARTHER AWAY, knowing that SS is set to start school in our district in the fall.

She has nothing, right? Please reassure me.

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