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Granite countertop advice needed!

14 years ago

Hello there, after reading many posts about granite countertops I know that there are many members with lots of knowledge and know-how about this exciting subject!

I am hoping I might be able to get some help...

My husband and I are doing a complete remodel of our kitchen. We are going with off-white kitchen cabinets. The floor will be wood.

We definitely want to go with granite but after visiting two stores in our area, are a little confused/overwhelmed/excited. A common problem!?

Our initial idea was to do something dark. We've had Uba Tuba before and I'd like to do something that isn't as consistent in pattern. I love looking at the slabs that have 'movement'. But I am a little nervous about something really, really bold. Maybe we could find a middle ground? I also want to stay away from getting too deep into tan/brown tones. We will be doing about 75 sq. ft. of counter, including an island that is about 9' long x a little over 3' wide - will have the sink in it. I have six young children - just so you have an idea of the wear and tear factor.

I saw some BLACK TITANIUM today that looked very interesting.

We saw some COSMIC BLACK and ASTERIX the other day, but from what I've read, these are a more fragile type of stone that can be difficult to work with. Do I have this right?

I was reading posts about JET MIST and found that option intriguing.

I am also open to going with a lighter granite. I loved the look/concept of PERSIA BLUE but I don't think that the colors are quite right for us.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you so much for your time!


Syracuse, NY

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