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KD and cabinet experts-help with cabinet issues

10 years ago

i ordered medallion silverline lancaster cabinets. my kd has been very responsive and great so this is solely a manufacturer issue.
the pic is of the newest replacement cab(the other box had veneer cracks and a chunk missing from the particle board bottom frame) this flush veneer side has some weird sticky bumpy spots/streaks that my kd came to see in my other cabs. she thinks it is glue. i have these spots on 3 of the flush finished ends and on the bottom face frames that thankfully are covered by the doors. at this point, i pretty much feel like crying in frustration:( are these spots of gunk going to cause veneer problems in the future? is this a big deal?
i asked my kd about warranty on the veneer and of course there is the humidity proviso. how the heck would i prove or know if my house's humidity is between 30-50 percent! it sounds like an out for the manufacturer. does medallion stand by their cabs long term?
thanks all in advance!

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