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Let's try a March challenge, "Its Spring! Put on a Happy Face"

9 years ago

I recently suggested trying a monthly challenge here. We seem to have some takers on the Crafts & Decorations board and I wanted to pull it into it's own post here as well.

This month's topic is "Its Spring! Put on a Happy Face". The goal is for people to make something new for this March challenge based on this theme. But for people who don't have time or an idea, but have already made something in the past that would fit the bill, feel free to post a picture of the past project. By the end of March, whoever participates can post pictures of their creation.

I hope this inspires you to participate! Besides, maybe if we all create "Spring" projects, it will inspire Mother nature to join in and stop all this snow! Anyway, it will be fun to see the many different creative interpretations people can come up with for one subject!

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