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Xpost: Planning large addition: Help with new master bdrm & Bath

15 years ago

I'm a kitchen forum veteran that was referred here by Sweeby for help planning our new bedroom addition. We're open to any and all suggestions you may have on any part of it.

We're planning a large addition on the back of our house and are having trouble planning the master bedroom and bath. Here's an overview, with the addition boxed in red (we are not attached to any aspect of the layout shown):

A few complicating factors:

-The height restriction on our street is 18" too short for us to be a two story house. We're going to get the addition to be two stories by doing it split level-style and sinking it 18-24".

-The garage roof will be flattened out to make a terrace. We'll have excellent views of the ocean, mesa and sand dunes from up there. We want to be able to access the terrace from public stairs, as well as from the master.

-The terrace level will be a couple steps up from the master.

-The master bdrm/bath area will be about 19' x 21'. Please note the location of the existing bathroom on the first floor. Seems like it would be cheapest to put the master in the bottom left corner to make it easier to tie into existing plumbing? We're open to all suggestions on how to use the space!

-We'd like our master bath to include:

* 2 sinks (1 vanity or 2; whatever works best)

* water closet

* roomy shower

* separate soaking tub

-For the bedroom, we'd like french doors (or 1 door if that's all that fits) to access the terrace, and a walk in closet. We don't have much bedroom furniture to fit in there, just a Cal king bed and night tables. Our current master walk in closet has a few built in drawers that DH uses, and my upright dresser fits in there. We'd probably go that route for the new master too.

-We're open to having to walk through the closet to get to the bath, or through the bath to get to the closet.

Any chance whatsoever that we'll be able to fit this in? My DH is the one that's been working on the layout so far, but I'm not liking the long, thin shape the bedroom's taking on. Are we stuck with it that way?

If you follow the link below, it'll bring you to the online layout generator my DH has been using. You can drag the image around like google maps. You can enlarge parts of it by clicking the + on the navigation window. If you click the tool on the bottom right in the navigation window, it will show some measurements.

Any help or comments greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: interactive layout

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