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Xpost from Decorating: Help with Master Suite layout

7 years ago


I posted originally on Decorating forum in the hope of getting help but I got none. I have seen folks post layouts for Master Suite here, so I am trying my luck on Bath forum.

I am designing a new house and we have liked pretty much everything in the current plan except perhaps the master closet. Somehow the layout does not seem like most efficient to me, and I am interested in sharing and hearing ideas about this arrangement.

My choices are either to move the walk in closet to the extreme right wall (since as per the building rules we cannot have any clear windows there due to neighbor privacy). I am quite happy with the way the bathroom has shaped up, but would gladly consider another option if it gives me a similarly large vanity and shower, and enclosed WC (those are my requirements).

But the main focus is on the closet; current plan is his-and-her, but that is not a must. Getting most storage from the space is important.

Larger closet is 7'x5', smaller is 5'x5'. Thus current design gives us 12' hanging space in Her and 5' space in his. I find this on the lower side. Besides, I would like to reduce the number of doors to the closet to one, so we get more wall space.

I am open to considering a shallow set of built in drawers on the wall between two closet doors, to store lingere etc. Over the wall we plan to wire up a TV (DH's dream). The bed will be against the windowless wall.

Behind the closet is another bedroom, most likely DD's. There is another spare bedroom at this level that she can occupy, in which case the previous room becomes our multipurpose room for sewing, making crafts, projects etc.

Once again, as long as the closet leaves a good sized wall, we can hang a TV there.

Thank you, and hope to hear comments!

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