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It just keeps getting more crazy!

16 years ago

So you've all heard of the big talk between DH, me, BM and SF. Since then communications have been much more cordial and I am so pleased with that. Well, get this one:

SD's b-day is this Saturday, and she is spending the day (9-6) with her mom this year. Mom is then meeting me and 4 of SD's friends downtown where we are going to have dinner, spend the night at a hotel and go shopping/swimming/walk around. I invited mom to stay as long as she wanted for the party, as I do every year. So . . . she emailed Sunday to ask if she could spend the night! Mind you, there is one bedroom for the girls and a pull out bed for me, so that means mom and I are bunking together!! She also asked if I would like to join her for a glass of wine. And then (the craziness never ends!) invited me to go get a pedicure with she and SD during the day!

While I am so excited at the prospect of us finally being able to get along I am a little nervous over this new found niceness on her part. I'm also wondering if I should sleep with one eye open! :)

My biggest question - what in the world will we talk about all night while the girls are doing their thing? We have so much in common, yet so much is awkward.

Head is still reeling . . . . don't know what to make of this . . . .

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