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Can you help me find a fabric?

13 years ago

I don't actually like a single piece in this room, but I would like them to LOOK as if I like them, and that they go together. I have some floor pillows that I need to recover that might tie the rug and the sofa together. I thought a few pillows on the sofa could help as well. I know the coffee table is very wrong, but the price was right--free. It will find a new home someday, for now it's very good for beverages. I'm going to get some fabric suggested under another post, so I'd like to order for this room at the same time. Thanks for any suggestions.

I can turn the top cushions either way, but the patterned side at least has less brown. I'm not a neutral person--give me a jewel box to roll around in and I'm very happy.

Here's a larger photo of the room. The lawn chairs etc., aren't there forever.

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