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15 years ago

After reading the weight issue post, and hearing people argue that it is ok for kids to eat junk all the time, I decided that I need some clarification. What do we consider unhealthy eating habits? What foods are unhealthy? And how often do our kids need to eat those foods for it to be considered unhealthy for them?

In my home an average day consists of oatmeal or cereal for breakfast with some fruit. Then fruit for the kids to eat at snacktime. At lunch they eat hot lunch where there is only one choice and it is portioned with a meat, veggie, and fruit and a milk. Afterschool is another snack, crackers, yogurt, or fruit. Dinner is some type of meat, some veggie, and some rice or noodles. We usually eat brown rice or whole grain noodles. On occasion my kids have a dessert, maybe some jello or on occasion I will make brownies or give them ice cream. We drink skim milk in my house. We also drink juices or teas. On occasion my kids will have a pop. They are all active. On nice days you will see them bike riding, on their scooters (not electric ones), running around the yard, or all of us walking to a local park.

Now I have seen other kids have diets that consist of fast foods a few times a week, t.v. dinners, chicken nuggets that you bake but if you read the bag they still are not that great for the kids, candy, pops, and lots of video games. They do not play outside on nice days because they are watching movies or trying to beat the next level on video games.

Do you think that the second lifestyle is really ok?

It is funny because the second lifestyle seems to be the one with overweight kids and lots of behavior issues.

Do you think

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