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Does anyone else feel like 'tea' today? :)

11 years ago

Alright, we haven't had tea in quite a while, so I thought today might be a fun time to 'catch up' on what we've been doing and what we're planning to do, this spring. We usually have 'tea' on the Conversations side, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw the post this week. So, please stop by and say 'hi' and have a cup of tea...or your favorite beverage :)

It's been a long winter and I'm just glad to see spring is on the way. It's still cold outside, but it's supposed to be in the low 50s, later this week! It will still be a few weeks (at least) before the ground dries out enough to garden, but I'm having so much fun, drawing out my garden plans. Yes, I draw garden plans, too! LOL

This winter was a mess (with truck hitting our house) and the ongoing repairs...but now it's all fixed and we ended up with a much nicer front porch and space for a new garden! I've already ordered a few roses (birthday and Christmas presents) so that's my big 'flower garden' project, for this spring/summer. The other one is to finish the kitchen garden and hopefully add more veggies and herbs.

Inside, I still need to clean and finish sorting/organizing, but with the warmer weather on the way...we should be able to open the windows and get some 'serious' work done. We do live on a farm, so it's much better to open the windows, when doing 'spring' cleaning...especially the book shelves! LOL

So, right now, I'm enjoying a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea, thinking about making some pineapple upside down cake to take up to my mom's this afternoon...and maybe having tea with her, too.

Your turn...and don't be shy! :)

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