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Does anyone else ever feel completely clueless?

8 years ago

I am 16 days into my first venture into worms farming. They seem to be doing well...When I check on them, they seem to be pretty active and a heck of alot faster then I ever expected and lots of the food I have given them is being eaten...still,

I dont know if I am feeding them enough. I often wonder if I have given them enough bedding. I wonder if I have the bedding moist enough. I wonder if any are dying and I am just not noticing. etc. etc.

I have a suspicion that this is alot of "on the job training".

I have been reading "Worms eat my garbage" and while a great book it does not answer lots of questions specifically related to me.

I just feel pretty clueless. I am sure that will change as I glean more knowledge.

Bedford County, Va.

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