Counter-top Advice for old outdated farm kitchen

7 years ago

So we have completely updated our cabinetry in our kitchen. We have stained the cabinets a darker more modern color to compliment the updates we are doing throughout the old farmhouse we purchased. We are just having one dilemma, we do not have the time/money immediately to purchase new counter tops.The old laminate counter tops had wood along the edges so we stained them to match as well, however we are still left with the blue laminate gross-ness! Does anyone know of any suggestions on how we could change the color or do anything with that until we have our concrete counter tops purchased and installed? We are also planning for the counter-top to be grey. Should we wait to update the back-splash after we get the new counters in or before?This is our first house so any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Before Staining:

After Stain:

Hardware we will be using:

Lovely blue laminate countertops:

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